Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles are luxury vehicles known for their Off-road Capabilities.

With this unique capability comes a unique stress on the suspension and wheels, making it more likely for Land Rovers and Range Rovers to develop wheel alignment problems.

At Independent MotorCar, we have a state-of-the-art 8-camera alignment machine explicitly designed for Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Our technicians can handle even the most complex alignment issues these vehicles can encounter using the machine.

A vehicle with misaligned wheels will wander, pull, or shake. It will also cause your tires to wear out faster than they should. This means you’ll spend more money replacing tires than you should have. So if you notice any of these symptoms in your Land Rover or Range Rover, bring it to us for a check-up today!

Land Rover and Range Rover Wheel Alignment

Range Rover and Land Rover Wheel Alignment

Land Rover wheel alignment ensures that all four wheels point in the same direction, allowing the vehicle to travel straight rather than drifting off the road. Regularly doing this service, either once a year or whenever the car begins to drift, will help prolong your tires’ life.

A misaligned vehicle may cause excessive tire wear. When the tires aren’t straight, they scuff against the tread, significantly reducing tire life. You’ll observe that the tire tread is vanishing early and irregularly. Rainy weather makes traction worse. Ignoring uneven tire wear may lead to premature tire rupture or a blowout.

Independent Motorcar has top-notch tools and machinery for precise wheel alignment services across New York. Our comprehensive service extends throughout key areas such as the Bronx, Queens, Medford, Brooklyn, Smithtown, Garden City, Nassau County, Staten Island, Suffolk County, Long Island, and Manhattan.

Land Rover and Range Rover Wheel Alignment

Offering Expert Range Rover Wheel Alignment Services!

We are Certified Automotive Alignment Professionals offering you an expert range rover wheel alignment to increase your tire life and a smooth Rover ride that you deserve.

We determine alignment by the following measurements: