Whether its a quick check of the AC system or something more serious, we are here to make it cold again

At Independent MotorCar, we understand that your best car air conditioning repair is one of the most important things for your car. If you can’t stay cool, it’s not just uncomfortable—your drive time becomes unsafe.

That’s why all our mechanics are MACA-certified and trained in the latest air conditioning technology to properly diagnose your problem and get you back on the road. We know that you have other things going on in your life, so we will try to get your car fixed as quickly as possible.
Range Rover and Land Rover Air Conditioning Repair Service

Our staff will diagnose your vehicle's problem and make sure you're back on the Road!

Your vehicle’s AC is essential for your comfort on the road. So when you notice it isn’t working as well as normal, it’s time to schedule an Air Conditioning service at Independent MotorCar as we serve all over New York including Bronx, Queens, Medford, Brooklyn, Smithtown, Garden City, Nassau County, Staten Island, Suffolk County, Long Island, Manhattan.

We’ll perform a complete diagnostic and test of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and we’ll get it repaired quickly, so you’re ready to hit the road again. There are many reasons your air conditioning system could break down—corrosion or leaks in the lines, a blown fuse that controls the compressor, or problems with the compressor itself.
Range Rover and Land Rover Air Conditioning Repair Service

The Technicians will inspect your Air Conditioning System!

When you bring your vehicle to Independent MotorCar for an land rover air conditioning repair, a technician will inspect your entire air conditioning system.

This inspection will include:

We make sure your vehicle is Cool while you're In it!

At Independent Motor, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle any of your air conditioning needs. So if you come to us with a problem, you can know that we’ll find the solution—whether it’s a quick fix or something more in-depth.
Our AC services include:
The technicians at Independent MotorCar can help you with any car air conditioning repair service. Call us to schedule an appointment today!
Range Rover and Land Rover Air Conditioning Repair Service