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When you’re driving and hear a strange sound, you can’t just ignore it. The same goes for your engine light or smell of over-heating. These are symptoms of major problems that your vehicle may be experiencing, and ignoring these problems will become more severe with time.
Regardless of your Land Rover and Range Rover Check Engine Lights issue, we use the most advanced scanning devices to give you the answers you need. So whether it’s a check engine light or a more subtle issue like an unusual noise, we’ll get to the bottom. To get your Rover back on the road without fear of it breaking down again.
Land Rover and Range Rover Check Engine Lights
time for a Diagnosis

If your check engine light is lit and your car makes noises, it's time for a Diagnosis.

Our team has experience with all Land Rover makes and models and can perform a state-of-the-art diagnostic test to determine the problem. We all know that a properly maintained vehicle will last longer and be more reliable, so let us help you keep your Land Rover running smoothly.

Why does my check engine light keep coming on in my Land Rover or Range Rover?

The answer can be difficult. Most often, it’s due to an emissions-related fault Land Rover, but it may also have a simple loose gas cap—or even a problem that has nothing to do with your vehicle. That’s why our expert technicians use the right diagnostic tools to determine the cause of your check engine light. Your Land Rover is an investment. So don’t trust just anyone. Instead, see us—we are experts of Land Rover and Range Rover in all over New York including the Bronx, Queens, Medford, Brooklyn, Smithtown, Garden City, Nassau County, Staten Island, Suffolk County, Long Island, and Manhattan.