We understand that your Land Rover's steering is integral to Safety on the road.

If your Land Rover or Range Rover has difficulty turning, it could be a problem with the power steering pump or other parts of your vehicle’s steering system. We specialize in repairing and rebuilding all your vehicle’s steering components, no matter how obscure they might be.

Our trained mechanics can diagnose and repair problems with your Land Rover or Range Rover’s power steering pump. If you need a new pump or want to rebuild your existing one, we can help! We keep our service shop stocked with the best parts and tools on the market, which means we can often get the job done faster than other shops that have to order parts from manufacturers.

Land Rover and Range Rover Steering Repair
We can and will find the Problem!

We can and will find the Problem!

Whether it’s your power steering pump, rack, pinion, or any other part of your vehicle’s steering system, we can fix it. Our expert mechanics have years of experience working with land rover and range rover steering Repair vehicles, so we know the ins and outs of the systems and components. We can repair all steering components, inspecting and replacing what is necessary.

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Our range of services covers all types of steering-related problems and components. So give us a call today for a free estimate of the repairs your Land Rover Discovery power steering pump rebuild kit needs.

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